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Double Buckwheat Double Chocolate Cookies


I like Buckwheat!
However I’m not really that much of a chocolate fan.
Which is strange considering I seem to make a lot of chocolate things!

I thought these were good.
I would not make them again however I did like the activated bukinis that went into the cookies. I couldn’t find the kasha however I think the bikinis did the trick!

These cookies were part of the Tuesdays with Dorie group recipe of the week.
They are from Dorie Greenspan’s Book, Dorie’s Cookies.

I wasn’t that taken by these however I am interested to read about what the rest of the group thought!


7 thoughts on “Double Buckwheat Double Chocolate Cookies

  1. Your cookies look good. I enjoyed them but they are not my favourite chocolate cookies.

  2. i liked these a lot, especially that they weren’t too sweet. i’ve never heard of buckinis before…had to give that a google!

  3. Kudos to you for making a double chocolate cookie even though you don’t like chocolate. I wonder is there a buckwheat cookie without chocolate in the book?

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