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French Cheesecake or Torteau Fromager



French Cheesecake or Torteau Fromager from David Lebovitz’s cookbook, My Paris Kitchen and this week’s Cook the Books Fridays recipe.
The last few weeks have been busy. We moved into the house we have been building and while the outside of the house is still looking like a construction site, the inside (especially the kitchen) is ready! I took a photo of the sky last night and it shows the state of our yard πŸ™‚
Cooking in the new kitchen has been wonderful. It’s spurred me into a bit of a cooking frenzy! And what a week to return to Cook the Book Fridays. This French Cheesecake was amazing. David Lebovitz says “the blackened crust hides a cake with the unique flavour of a dense American cheesecake, but with the light sponginess of a Japanese cheesecake.” And that pretty much says it all.
If a light, white, sponge cake and a cheesecake had a baby, then this would be it.
I really liked the taste and texture of this cake, my 18yr old who has always stood by his dislike for cheesecake, actually liked this cake and asked for more.
I wish I left it in the oven just a few more minutes, there was a section in the centre that was a bit under done. It still tasted good though, so no one cared!

I probably would have steered clear of this recipe had it not been for this group, the burnt coloured top would have left me feeling sceptical enough to not try this. So it’s a good reminder of how good it is to push myself out of my comfort zone, thanks to the Cook the Book Fridays group πŸ™‚



13 thoughts on “French Cheesecake or Torteau Fromager

  1. Your cheesecake is PERFECT! So exciting to have a new kitchen to cook in!

  2. You are spot on describing this cake as the cross between a sponge cake and a cheese cake. I was very excited back then after a kitchen renovation and the wonder continues. Welcome back!

  3. It must be so much fun to cook in a new kitchen, enjoy, and good luck with the rest of the project. I think I missed the part about the blackened top because I thought I over baked mine and it’s not even nearly black. Anyway, it was so good, everyone here really enjoyed it. I love your photo of the sky, spectacular.

  4. Beautiful! There is something special about finding your way in a new space. Congratulations & enjoy!
    That sunset was stunning.

  5. Welcome back to you and your new kitchen. Because I operate in a tiny condo kitchen now, I am a bit envious of what must be a wonderful space. Enjoy every minute of it. This wasn’t the week for me to make this cheesecake. It would have been wasted. But I intend to make it in the near future. The charred top intrigues me. Having both you and Cher back in the fold is very nice.

  6. First, congrats on your new kitchen and new house! How exciting! Also, I totally know what you mean about the blackened top being off-putting. But man it was delicious!! Looks beautiful and what a gorgeous sky!

  7. Mine was the tiniest bit underdone in the centre, too. Ten minutes can make a big difference with these! Congratulations on the new house (it looks beautiful) and enjoy the new kitchen! I love the colour you got on the top. Mine was dark, but yours looks bakery-worthy.

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