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Buckwheat Rolls with Seaweed Butter


We loved these crispy Buckwheat Crepes with Seaweed Butter.
The kids and I love our sushi. We are regulars at the local Sushi Train, so I knew these would be a hit. Everyone loved them!
It was also a good opportunity for me to use up the Buckwheat flour I had bought on my journey to get my health back.
It is what has kept me from cooking with this group and also the Tuesdays with Dorie group which I really loved.
A bout of glandular fever knocked me flat on my backside almost three years ago now. I was already run down from working with rape and domestic violence clients and it was shift work so my sleep patterns were destroyed.
Many doctors appointments later, medications, tests, experimenting with vegan and paleo food, I found a functional doctor that ran some genetic tests.
Turns out I have a gene mutation that causes my body to struggle when converting folate from food into something my body could use. Not a problem when healthy, but a disaster when run down!ย So not only was I short in B12 I needed a much higher dose than the average, non mutant, human! Not sure if this is the actual problem, I’ve learnt it’s never that easy over the last few years, however it’s all I have to work with at the moment.

I made a few attempts over the years to rejoin the groups however it was such a struggle physically it didn’t last long.
Weeks of supplementing with methyl B12 and methylfolate and I am hoping to rejoin this group on a regular basis and cook!
So back to the Buckwheat Crepes with Seaweed Butter that was this week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe! I think months of cooking with Buckwheat and our love of all things sushi made this a winner in our house!


10 thoughts on “Buckwheat Rolls with Seaweed Butter

  1. Welcome back! It’s so nice to see you here again! Sorry to hear about your health struggles – I had glandular fever twice in my early 20s and I have never felt “right” since then. Interesting to read your journey to health!

  2. Thank you! It’s been such a tough few years Mardi. It still is. I am hoping and praying this latest treatment will make a difference! It’s all I’ve got at the moment lol! Had no idea a glandular fever could be so terrible.

  3. Now your buckwheat rolls look good, so nice and crisp. I did not particularly care for this at all but, at least I gave it a go. So sorry to hear that you were having so much trouble health wise, but I glad things are going better for you and it is nice to see you posting again.

  4. Welcome back Sanya. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been battling health issues. You’ve been missed, so I’m glad you might be back with us more regularly.
    I’m glad that you and your family enjoyed your returning recipe. You might be the only ones, at least from what I’ve read so far.

    • Thank you! It feels good to be back ๐Ÿ™‚
      I can see why the others struggled, it’s an unusual combination. I think being a sushi lover helps with the seaweed taste and the crispier the better!

  5. So happy to see you back! All of those health woes must have been difficult, so pleased for you that you are gaining on them. And happy you enjoyed these!

    • Thank you! Fingers crossed I’ll make some headway and be able to join in again! It was fun to make these. Everyone liked them, I wouldn’t make them again lol, but very glad i tried them!

  6. Here’s hoping that the diagnosis is correct and your recovery will be ongoing and successful. It’s tough to be sick and just feeling totally lousy and have to keep going at some level for your family’s sake. I am so sorry, Sanya. Glad you and your family enjoyed this. I like the buckwheat galettes better although I haven’t tried these yet. Welcome back. So glad to have you among us.

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