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Puff Pastry Breadsticks and Twists


“Why did they have to taste sooo good?!”
My husband moaned as he sat there clutching his stomach, feeling sick from overeating (again)!
But wait it gets better…
I was trying to come up with a title for my post and he suggested ‘sex on a stick’!

What can I say? He really did like these… his favourite was the sweet chilli twist.

I really wanted long puff pastry straws however the puff pastry sheets that are readily available from Woolworths would have been barely finger length once folded so I decided to use two sheets.

I had three different fillings, so divided the 24cm sheets into 8cm thirds…

 I wanted to try the recipe as Dorie intended with Dijon mustard.
However I was in the mood to play so I also tried an olive tapenade which she suggested as a ‘Bonne Idee’ and the hot sweet chilli sauce we bought at this year’s Sydney Easter Show made by the Chilli Factory.

I smeared on a generous dollop of each topping…

Then topped them with the other pastry sheet.
Since each strip was 8cm long and I was going for long and lean sticks I decided to cut each portion into 2cm strips.

My gorgeous boy wanted to help so he got the job of ‘painting’ each strip with the beaten egg “just like at school!”

Next we topped the mustard strips with poppy seeds, the tapenade sticks with sesame seeds and the sweet chilli one’s with cheese…

The we got real fancy and decided to twist the sweet chilli straws…

After 25 mins in the oven, rotating the trays half way, the final product was truly amazing!

I really liked the mustard and tapenade straws. They tasted so satisfyingly good!
(And I already mentioned my husband loved the sweet chilli one’s!)

I made the gourgeres as well, I joined the French Fridays with Dorie Group a few weeks late and really wanted to make these.

I took the left overs to my parents to save my husband from himself!

To have a look at a range of fillings and techniques used by the other members of French Fridays with Dorie, just click here!


13 thoughts on “Puff Pastry Breadsticks and Twists

  1. This is a great idea – quick and delicious treat for parties. Interesting idea to include a filling, I will surely give this a try.

  2. LOL — Sex on a Stick! These all look great, but the sweet chili variation looks especially interesting. I have a bottle of sweet chili sauce so I’m going to make your variation next time.
    I got the sweet chili sauce to make Dorie’s Chicken Chili Sandwich. Have you tried it? It’s great!

  3. Sex on a Stick? That’s the ultimate compliment! Wow, your batons are gorgeous!!!

  4. That was a hilarious reference – I am so glad that you included it in the post because those are the type of “keeping it real” comments that I think all the other Doristas enjoy as well 🙂 My hubby was away for this recipe but I am sure the minute he hears that reference I will be defrosting puff pastry !! And I thought my sons references to caraway looking like mouse trailings was unusual… Your batons and gourgeres turned out simply amazing. Loved all the photos but esp enjoyed the one with your ADORABLE son “painting” on the egg. Well done !

  5. I love your pictures. Your son looks so cute, and he seems to enjoy helping
    Mommy work in the kitchen. The batons look incredible and so delicious.
    Tricia and I thought this was such a simple recipe and will definitely do
    this again.

  6. Sex on a stick?! Too funny! I am so glad your husband enjoyed them. They look fantastic and I love all the variations you tried. Your gougeres also look wonderful! What a cute little sou chef you have there!

  7. I was like your husband… my stomach had had enough, but not my taste buds… I wanted more and more! 🙂
    I love all the different fillings that you used! I stuck to the recipe… I’ll do something different with them next week.

  8. Very funny! And what a sweet helper.
    Love the chili sauce version. I made these (again…) last night for a dinner and did a batch with ginger rhubarb marmalade and another batch with a praline mustard. They just keep getting better and better….

  9. Kitchen and food is all about family…I love that your son was in the kitchen with you. Some of my greatest family times continue to be in the kitchen with grown children who come home to help and eat…and now grandkids…that’s what we did today, Easter baking and fun with grandkids. Love your fillings…have to try some…and we LOVE sweet chili sauce here…good idea.

  10. That’s a great name for them…lol…

    So cute that your son was helping with these. I love all your variations and twisting the chili straws was a stroke of brilliance. Glad you’ve tried the gougères, too – they are not to be missed.

  11. Fantastic strip ideas!! Love the little helper too! It’s so much fun to get the kids involved.

  12. I love the look of all three variations! And the melted cheese on top gives an illusion of twisted pastry! Yum!

  13. Can I borrow your gorgeous little helper for a day? 😉 I like your twisted chilli baton, they look so fancy and I bet the flavors rock too!

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