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Beggar’s Linguine


A basic skill every therapist learns early in their career is how to “roll with resistance” that client’s put up when touching on issues they may not want to deal with.

This week I used every trick in the bag to deal with the resistance I felt towards this recipe!

From simple reflection, “So you don’t think you’d like to try this recipe.”

To double-sided reflection, “I can see that you’re not wanting to do this recipe but you’re not willing to give up either.”

From reframing, “So this is an exciting opportunity to try something you would never have tried before!”

To agreeing with a twist, “Yes, trying this recipe will be a waste of time because you know they won’t like it, but they will be excited about trying something authentically ‘French’!”

You get the gist…

I actually decided early in the week I wouldn’t even bother with this one. It was just too weird and I would skip it!
I mean, it’s not like it’s compulsory or any thing… right…?

But, (sighing), I knew the key thing to resistance is to not provoke it and to steer its energy towards creating positive change! So…

As I boiled the pasta…I rolled with the resistance…

As I chopped the walnuts (we are allergic to all other nuts!), figs and raisins… I rolled with the resistance…

But them something interesting happened…
As the butter boiled and bubbled and the colour intensified and changed…
I felt the resistance… melting…

At the last minute, I decided to add only half the pasta to the buttery sauce. The whole packet felt too much.
I fried up the left over pasta with some eggs.

By this point, all my resistance was gone and I felt great!
I had completed this week’s recipe and made a last minute switch that I knew the kids would like and eat!

As the resistance eased, I could feel my energy return and myself open to new possibilities!

I started to feel excited by the flavours in front of me…

I eagerly bit into the linguine and… I liked it!
I couldn’t eat too much as it was far too rich and buttery! But the taste was good.
My husband on the other hand felt a bit disturbed with the combination. He said it tasted like muesli and called it “breakfast” food!
The kids took a few bites each and said it was ok, but they couldn’t eat much more than that either.

(I felt incredibly satisfied! I “rolled” with my resistance and instead of getting stuck, I opened my self to new experiences and possibilities. And that felt fantastic!)

If you’re interested in trying this recipe for yourself, and see where it takes you, you can go straight to Dorie’s website and view the full recipe here.

To get a great cross-section of views on this recipe I encourage you to click here and see what other’s who participated in this week’s French Fridays with Dorie thought!





30 thoughts on “Beggar’s Linguine

  1. I felt exactly the same way through the entire process! The little bowl I ended up with was the perfect amount – it was delicious as a small lunch (I was going to say “light lunch” but with all that butter, I’m not sure that’s quite the word). I’m still stumped as to what you would serve with it, but for a small meal, it was good.

  2. Me too. I was going to skip this week, but then, even though nothing about the recipe seemed appealing, it was definitely appealing. I made a single serving for myself, and was surprised it wasn’t too bad, though I don’t think I’ll make it again. I agree with your husband’s thought of muesli. I was thinking fruitcake but they have similar flavors.

    • I had an Egyptian friend who took me to a Lebanese cake shop a few times and it reminded me of a dish I had there, it had all the nuts and sweetness, but then folded inside was cheese, it really was amazing. But I felt this dish lacked something…

  3. Lol. I love those therapist techniques! My sister is in the process of getting her Psy.D, so I’ve heard things like that before! Your dish looks great, especially with the Parmesan shavings.

  4. Oops, I meant to say that while nothing about the recipe seemed appealing, it was definitely intriguing.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I also felt the pasta had potential as a brunch dish… and I can eat breakfast foods at any time of day. 🙂

  6. I think a lot of us had a tough time getting into this one… Glad you were able to coach yourself through it & give it a shot!

  7. I enjoyed the flavors in this dish. Glad you made it and tried it!

  8. I’m glad you rolled with it. 🙂 The browned butter was wonderful, wasn’t it? Not to mention the nuts and fruit. I bet the walnuts gave it a whole different flavor. I will have to try it with those next time. Your photos are lovely!

  9. Roll’n with resistance! I love it! One of the little tricks I do is remind myself how much fun I have with the photography and writing portion of the exercise and say to myself: Wouldn’t it be nice if I were taking pictures of the meal right now? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were done and I was writing the piece right now? wouldn’t it be nice? I have to admit it doesn’t always work though!

  10. It’s good to step out of our little safety zones once in awhile, isn’t it? This dish opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities. I found it too rich to eat too much but very comforting. Here’s a topic for therapists: how can one be comforted by a brand new food??

  11. I’m glad you tried it, and at least your kids were willing to give it a try!

  12. I love this post! I too was glad to have tried it, and I completely agree about not being able to eat very much of it due to all the butter.

  13. what a great post! as Anne-Marie said (up a bit), it’s good to try new things and step outside your comfort zone … and thanks for sharing your process. 🙂 we’ve all gone through something similar!

  14. Good for you (and your kids!) for trying something you were positive you wouldn’t like! Sometimes we just have to break out of our comfort zone, even if that means eating pasta with fruit. 😉 Your photos look delicious!

  15. I just dug out the leftovers and we ate them for supper…and they were still good. This recipe is unusual in a good way…I will for sure make this again.

  16. I definitely would have needed therapy to make this recipe as written! But the more I read about it, the more I think it would be good for breakfast.

  17. Sanya, now I have to make some pasta with fried eggs – that was one of my favorite dishes growing up, and it’s been so long since I made it for the kids! thanks for reminding me:)
    I skipped the dish, because husband is allergic to almost all nuts and fruits, and the girls are not crazy about raisins and fruit in savory dishes.
    But I am glad that you tried it, even after fighting it so hard:)

  18. Sanya, I’m reading a book right now on resistance (“Linchpin” by Seth Godin) and the need to push through life’s challenges. In serendipitous fashion , I happened upon your recipe. Looks fantastic! I’ll be making this for hubby and kids as well tomorrow. Thanks for sharing 😉

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