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Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake



It is winter here in Sydney, Australia.
And even though the days are sunny and mild, you can see the people sniffling, coughing and blowing noses when you’re out and about.
The past couple of weeks we have all had sore throats, blocked noses, nausea and even some vomiting. I made last week’s Dorie’s Cookies recipe however I only had the energy for a quick photo on Instagram. It made me feel like I still participated in some way 🙂
My daughter is in her last semester and uni and my son is locked down studying for his trial HSC exams before the real deal begins in October! Once the HSC exams are finished (November 9th) his high school days will be over! However until then it’s a crazy time for him trying to stay away from the sick people in the house while preparing for the celebrations of finishing high school (which still need to be organised even though none of the boys can think beyond the exams!)
So I guess it’s just a lot of hunkering down in our house.
Which made this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe ideal for us!
It’s basic, it’s tasty and it comforting. And most importantly we can all eat hazelnuts 🙂
Even the pickiest eater in the house (my 18yr old son) tried it and said it’s unusual but good!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone though of this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipes!


4 thoughts on “Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake

  1. I’d agree with the notion of “unusual but good” for this cake. Your looks very wholesome.

  2. It looks gorgeous with the hazelnut flour! I enjoyed the almond version that I made.

  3. I’m really looking forward to making this one! Looks perfect for winter when you need something tasty and comforting!

  4. I am looking forward to making this one. I don’t think my son will even try it. He is not allergic to hazelnuts but he refuses to eat anything with any nut. I am sure my husband and I will like it. I hope you all feel better soon. The cold/flu season is no fun.

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