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Baba Ganoush


IMG_7900.JPGThis week we are cooking Baba Ganoush with Cook the Book Fridays.
A group that cooks from My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz.
I’ve never made baba ganoush before.
I’ve always liked eggplants, I grew up eating a lot of grilled eggplant with garlic.
I also have a deep love of all things tahini.
So for me this dish was a total success.
Grilled eggplant, tahini paste, garlic, lemon, parsley, olive oil, cayenne pepper, cumin and salt blitzed together to make this earthy, healthy dip that has a good hit of spice.
We added it to our dinner plate instead of the horseradish we usually serve this with and it went wonderfully. Everyone loved it and I will definitely make this again.
To read more thoughts on this dish, head over to the Cook The Book Fridays group.


16 thoughts on “Baba Ganoush

  1. Oh wow, this looks SO good and what a great pairing!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious!! Great serving idea too. Your Baba Ganoush looks wonderful (as does the rest of that meal!).

  3. I agree, this one was delicious! And what a perfect condiment for meat. I never thought of that.

  4. Beautiful! The dinner looks wonderful.
    I wish I shared in your enthusiasm, but am glad to hear I am in the minority this week.

    • Thanks Cher!
      I do have an odd love for eggplant 🙂
      There’s a Chilli eggplant dish at our local Thai shop that I can’t get enough of. If I see it on a menu I always order it!

  5. I like the idea of using this as a condiment. Your dinner looks terrific!

  6. Wow! This dinner plate looks so appetizing. Glad that the baba ganoush is a total success.

  7. That plate looks so good and such a great idea to serve it with dinner. Perfect combination. We loved this recipe.

  8. I’m hungry! What a great idea – the baba ganoush could be used with everything, beans, potatoes and, of course, meat. I have never made baba ganoush before either and found that it was not difficult. Had to use the broiler to char my eggplant so that was the best. I am sure you have gas burners in your new kitchen.

  9. Great idea to serve it as part of a main meal, other than a dip. Scrumptious dinner!

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