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It has been another long while since my last post.
There are weeks I cook along with the group, read up on what everyone thinks and then don’t actually post anything!
Then we decided to get this little guy a few days before Christmas…

We suddenly had a new fur baby in the house!
He threw our daily routine into chaos for a little while 🙂
Most of all however, the humidity of the Australian summer has just sucked the life right out of me. Living by the beach definitely helps. I think Manly Beach is stunning…

So… finally… Chewie the puppy is house trained.
I have a new laptop that actually works with my phone so I can upload/download things (lol).
Most of all, the temperature has finally dropped!
And I have been wanting to make Hamantaschen for the longest time.
These little cookies have fascinated me for a while now.
So many variations on the internet I didn’t know where to start.
When I saw they were the recipe of the week for the Tuesdays with Dorie group I knew it was meant to be!
I loved these. I rolled my pastry thin, I was worried it might have been thinner than the 1/8 inch height Dorie recommended. I just managed to get the dough on the baking sheet before it melted in my hands, so I’ll admit my expectations were low. The result was such a delicate and fine pastry I could have happily eaten it on its own.
The filling I thought would be too sweet when I tried a spoonful. Yet somehow it balanced out in the light delicate pastry shell.
I thoroughly enjoyed these and am very happy that my first attempt was Dorie Greenspan’s recipe from her Dorie’s Cookies book and as part of the Tuesdays with Dorie group! Cannot wait to see what others thought.


6 thoughts on “Hamantaschen

  1. Gorgeous pictures of puppy and beach. I am glad you are back with us. These were delicious cookies but challenging to work with.

  2. Chewie is adorable! I liked these cookies too, although the dough was hard to work with.

  3. They look great, the cookies and Chewie. 🙂 These cookies are yum but the dough is a challenge to work with.

  4. Chewie is so cute and looks like the happiest puppy ever! Your cookies came out beautifully. Beach snacks? We had a snowstorm yesterday…jealous of those gorgeous Sydney beaches.

  5. Puppy!!!!! So cute! And your cookies look amazing! Looks like you rolled them thicker than 1/8 inch though – mine were cracked and broken ON the tray as i was working with them 😦

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