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Tarte Tropezienne



My last post was David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Pudding.
I made a double batch of his recipe three times last week.
I made it for my son’s 16th birthday and it was sooo delicious, I just kept making it again and again and again…
We kind of overdosed on chocolate last week, so this week, choosing the Tarte Tropezienne for the recipe of the week was an easy choice for us!

When my copy of Baking Chez Moi first arrived, way back at the beginning of Tuesdays with Dorie, the Tarte Tropezienne caught my attention immediately. I love brioche, I love pastry cream!
I’ll be honest though, I felt a bit hesitant making this.
Making dough has always made me nervous. I think mostly because I don’t do it that much.
I made the dough as Dorie said, using the paddle attachment of my Kitchen Aid and I made a  soft, sticky, runny paste!
So I started again and this time I used the hook attachment and it worked! I beautiful smooth ball of dough formed, joy!
I made the dough and pastry cream one day and the next day I baked and assembled the cake.
I could not find pearl sugar so I bought sugar cubes and smashed them. Oh my what a mess!
I had bits of sugar all over the bench, floor and in my hair. But it looked so pretty I didn’t mind one bit!
I love this cake! It turned out delicious.

I am looking forward to reading what the rest of the Tuesdays with Dorie group thought of this month’s recipes! I’m already thinking about Betty’s Chocolate Cake I’ll be making next time!




8 thoughts on “Tarte Tropezienne

  1. For the same reason, I made this cake instead of the chocolate one. I should have the good sense to use the dough hook, but I was not thinking well. Charming little cakes you have there!

  2. They look so pretty with the crushed sugar cube topping and it looks as though your dough was perfectly made.

  3. Wasn’t this delicious? Yours turned out so nicely! Did you make mini cakes too?

  4. Yes, the paddle attachment was a weird concept, although I managed to make it work (by paying a very close eye to what the pin in the joint of the mixer was doing and hammering it back in as required!). This tarte caught my attention immediately too and I am so glad that we now got to make it. Your tarte looks devine – I would have a slice (or several) gladly.

  5. This looks wonderful! I think that was a good choice to switch to the dough hook, too.

  6. Yours is beautiful – and a good tip re: the smashed sugar cubes – looks so pretty!

  7. Your tarte turned out great! I really like your mini tartes! I also lol’d while picturing sugar bits flying everywhere when smashing those sugar cubes!

  8. You are the second person to recommend the dough hook, I will definitely take that tip. Glad to know that I can break it up over two days also. It looks perfect and I am glad it worked well for you. I am looking forward to making it.

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