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FFWD: Playing Catch Ups…



This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was ‘Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin’.
I found this dish… I don’t know… plain?
The meat itself was delicious.
Moist and tender.
However I think this was due to the beautiful cut of meat I used.

My older son started high school and they were off to camp in the second week. The day he returned from camp, was my little boy’s first day at school!
I made the pork that night to celebrate and I served it with Dorie’s Potato Gratin which they love!
We scraped the oranges off the pork and enjoyed it alongside the gratin.

PicMonkey Collage

With all the start of new year craziness, I made last week’s recipe, the brown sugar squash and brussels sprouts en papilotte, however I did not get around to posting it!
(That happens more than I like to admit!)

Again, I have to say the recipe, was nice, but nothing special.



I’m glad I tried both of the recipes above.
I’ve noticed if I tell my guys at home it’s a FFwD recipe, they just nod their heads and give it a go, no complaints, even if they don’t like it!
I love how being part of this group has become a family affair!

I’m looking forward to catching up and reading what the rest of the French Fridays with Dorie group thought of both recipes!


15 thoughts on “FFWD: Playing Catch Ups…

  1. Congrats to the high school student! This time will go soooo fast.
    You may have found your pork plain, but it looks anythiing but πŸ™‚

  2. Your pork looks excellent. I just picked something up in the grocery store didn’t go to a butcher probably would have made the dish better, but I went rogue.

  3. My husband too. He always asks what the recipe for the week is and has bravely taste tested every single one. It makes it a bit more fun.

  4. Great catch-up post! Your tenderloin looks delicious! Cute kids!

  5. I’m sorry that neither of the recipes were a hit with you. They both look really good.

  6. You’re right, both of those recipes were OK, but nothing special. I’m glad I tried them, but they weren’t my most favorite recipes in the book. Not like Dorie’s potato gratin! Congratulations on the start of the school year to your smiling students!

  7. You did well on both these recipes, but I love seeing your children the most…very adorable…the best part of this post by far! We need to make a really great recipe son!

  8. Your kidlets are so cute! I know it’s weird but it’s still hard for me to process that the weather is completely opposite for you than it is here – we just had another snowstorm the other night and you guys are running around in shorts with beautiful green grass! I wasn’t super-wowed by either of these recipes but I’m glad I tried them too. Your tenderloin looks delicious!

  9. I totally agree with you. Both of these recipes were only OK for me. But oh well! Love the pictures. Your dishes look delicious and your boys adorable!

  10. I just love those pictures of your two guys. Your little boy seems quite pleased with himself as he marches off to his first day in school. When Emma, my first grandchild started school, she cried for one full month. She had never been to pre-school or away from her Mother or God Forbid, at camp. It was a difficult month and I had to talk my daughter off the ledge every single day. So, to see two happy young children on their “first days” makes me happy. I agree with you about both recipes. They were fine. I ate them. My company shared the vegetable packets with me and we enjoyed them. But, there was nothing WOW about each one, was there?

  11. It’s a family event for us too and for me, it makes it that much more exciting! πŸ™‚

  12. Yay high school! Yay catch up posts! Neither show stoppers but neither wasted the ingredients and that means its ok by me.

  13. Such excitement in your household-if not for the FFWD recipes exactly πŸ™‚ Your sons are just adorable and I am so glad you shared those great photos ! My kids did a bus stop “white sneaker” day (informally) for years because all the kids showed up the first day with clean …usually with white somewhere…sneakers that probably didn’t look that way again by the 2nd day. We took a photo of all the kids shoes and it was hilarious. Too us at least πŸ™‚ Pork was a nice dish but probably not worthy of a repeat. I want that meat that went along side your brussels sprouts !!

  14. Love the photos of your kids – it must be so exciting for both of them starting new school adventures. It’s great that the whole family is on board for French Fridays, too.

    I don’t think I’d make the pork again. I enjoyed the combination of brussels sprouts, squash, and apple, but next time I’d roast it.

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