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Spur of the Moment Vegetable Soup



When I initially saw this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, I made a mental note to myself to give it a miss.


We had just returned from a weekend in Melbourne and after spending time in shops like these…

I thought this recipe sounded… boring.


In addition to this, is the fact that it’s spring here in Australia.

And when you spend your days like this…



Soup is kinda the last thing you want to go home to!

A BBQ dinner is where your mind’s at!

But then something happened that made this week’s recipe exactly what we needed.
My 12 year old son had oral surgery.
We noticed a while back one of his baby teeth broke the skin but then disappeared again.
X-rays revealed the tooth beneath it was growing vertically!
The surgeon had to pull out the baby tooth and put in chains to help the tooth beneath it come up.

So with a strict diet of fluids for the next few days, Dorie’s Spur of the Moment Vegetable Soup sounded like a great idea!


I followed Dorie’s recipe and then added broccoli, leek and extra potatoes.

This soup was exactly what we needed!
It was tasty, simple to make and everyone enjoyed it.

I am curious to see how the rest of the French Fridays with Dorie group went with this week’s recipe!











18 thoughts on “Spur of the Moment Vegetable Soup

  1. that soup looks delicious!

  2. So sorry for your son… great timing for the soup. Your’s looks terrific. Quick recovery.

  3. Sorry about the oral surgery – teeth are so weird sometimes! Have you ever looked at a full-on X-ray of a child who hasn’t lost any baby teeth yet? It’s pretty creepy seeing all those teeth (baby & adult) in such a little head! In other news, I was really pleasantly surprised by this soup too!

  4. I was wondering how your soup got that nice green color. Broccoli sounds like a great healthful addition.

  5. Sorry to hear about that, doesn’t sound like much fun at all. I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled and living on jello for a week. I still hate jello! Wish I’d had some of this soup instead.

  6. I’ll take that dessert display case over soup any day!

  7. Love the pictures of the desserts – mmmm. Glad the soup worked well for your son and I hope he is doing better. This recipe was one of my favorites:)

  8. Wow! That is some shop! Hope you son is back to solids by now — thanks for sharing your story.

  9. I’m with you about the soup, but how great that it was right there to come to the rescue! Hope your son is feeling better!!

    Lovely photos! Love when you share your pictures!

  10. I can understand why it’s sometimes hard to cook for the opposite season. I hope your son is healing nicely. Your soup has a great color. I’m surprised it’s still so orange if it has broccoli in it. Nice job.

  11. Awww – poor little guy. Hope he’s feeling better. Tooth problems are such a pain (no pun intended). Soup is a great food for times like that.
    That picture of the dessert display is just too tempting. Sigh.

  12. soup to the rescue! hope your son is feeling okay now!

  13. I am absolutely glad you made the soup this week and posted on FFWD but am very, very sorry for the reason. My one redeeming thought was that it is amazing what medical professionals and specialists can do these days to make a wrong, a right. I had never heard of “putting in chains”. I hope the “hurt” is history by now. You added some tasty extras to your soup even though we realize this isn’t exactly the season for it. Take care of your little guy.

  14. This is definitely a great recipe to have in the back burner after coming home from a dental procedure. That window display is a great argument for having a healthy meal like this soup and then indulging the sweet tooth. 🙂

  15. Yeah, soup in the spring isn’t quite as appealing as soup in the fall. I’m sorry your sweet son needed oral surgery, but glad the soup hit the spot!

  16. you mean growing vertically as in growing up into the gum??? thats nuts! what do you do to stop that? well your soup looks great and what great timing!

  17. soup looks yummy – and perfect for you son! 🙂

  18. Dorie knows what we need when we need it. Looks so good.

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