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Apple Galette and Redemption


Last week I decided Blueberry Pie was going to bring me unparallelled blissful happiness! 
Well… it didn’t.
I begrudgingly knew that life didn’t work that way.
I’ve even read all the research that clearly states that all the stuff we think will make us happy such as money, posessions, social status and blueberry pie…
(yes, pie is a legitimate category!)
((ok, maybe I made that last bit up, but it should be up there with the rest!))
… they don’t necessarily lead to happiness.

So this week I was prepared.
I wasn’t going to let any doe-eyed Kristen Stewart, gazing longingly at me from the supermarket magazine stands, foil my galette!

I turned my back on scientific research (and logic of any kind) last week and there were consequences! I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice (at least not in such a short time!)

So what does psychological research on happiness tell us?

Finding joy in the present moment increases life satisfaction.

So this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was approached with curiosity, openness and independent of judgement or expectations.

Disappointment was not an option under these circumstances!

I also decided to work with the seasons rather than against them, so I used apples to make my galette since it’s winter here in Australia.

The result was pure delight and delicious pleasure!

The recipe is incredible easy and can be found by visiting Lisa at Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen or Andrea at The Kitchen Lioness!


12 thoughts on “Apple Galette and Redemption

  1. made an apple galette not long ago…delish!


  2. Lovely – apple galettes are one of my favorite fall treats. Although, I am not quite ready to think of autumn yet 🙂
    Glad the Twilight girl didn’t throw you off course this time.

  3. I think that mindfulness and being in the present moment are so important, whether it’s while baking a galette or dealing with life’s challenges (or disturbing news in the supermarket line). Thanks for putting it so entertainingly.

    Your apple galette looks lovely – I’m looking forward to making one, once apples are in season here again.

  4. I too made an apple galette…delicious! Yours looks lovely 🙂

  5. You were right to do apples, they always deliver! Lovely galette.

  6. Yum! My next galette will be with apples. Looks delicious!

  7. I’m glad you found happiness in this apple galette! It looks fantastic.

  8. Success is a beautiful thing! apples will be on in a month or two–can’t wait to try the apple version. My blueberry galette was excellent. Leftovers were just right for lunch today!

  9. Looks lovely. You can not go wrong with apple anything!

  10. I needed that happiness in the present moment reminder tonight – thank you! Your apple galette looks yummy!

  11. Reading your blog really helps: makes me smile and laugh! Thank you sooo much!
    And your galette is beautiful!

  12. Pie is a definite category! It’s so good to see apples;-)

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