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Summer Melon Berry Soup


We just returned from perfect winter weather in Queensland to cold, cloudy days in Sydney.
We spent a week here…

So to return to the 15 to 16 degree celsius weather in Sydney was a bit of shock.
This week’s recipe though kept the summer feeling alive.

Dorie’s Cold Melon Berry Soup was simple, light and refreshing.

I must say, I prefer the melon just cut into pieces. Natural.
Drinking rockmelon (sorry cantaloupe!) was not my thing.
I think my husband thought the same, the rockmelon balls were his favourite thing.

But it looked great and definitely created an atmosphere of summer on a cold, rainy, Sydney day!

Please visit French Fridays with Dorie and check out what others thought of this week’s ‘Around My French Table’ recipe.


19 thoughts on “Summer Melon Berry Soup

  1. Oh – it looks like you had a beautiful location for your time away. The colors on the beach are so vibrant!

  2. Nice vacation shots! Sorry to hear you didn’t like the soup.

  3. Lovely place for a vacation.

    I like my cantaloupe ‘straight’ also. but soup was different.

  4. Your soup does look great and very festive! We made it too, and liked it.

  5. Yes, that does look to be a wonderful vacation! I didn’t think the soup was that exciting, until I added the wine. May have added a bit more than called for, and also used New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc because I prefer dry to sweet 😉

  6. WOW! Great vacation photos…looks like where I need to be. Your “soup” looks so pretty, but it is just not quite what I anticipated it would be. I watched everyone struggling to eat it…do we drink it or use a spoon or ??? Well, spoon works for soup, but it seems more like a drink? I guess we are unsophisticated around here.

  7. Not my fav recipe either. And I it was a cold, cloudy day here and that made the soup feel even colder to me when I really needed something warm!

  8. Sure looks pretty! Your beach pictures are an inspiration. Sorry you didn’t love the cold soup;-)

  9. I love reading everyones blog and seeing how different our weather and surroundings are! We are in the beginning of our summer and the weather is so warm…the cantaloupe soup was a lovely starter to our dinner. Your photos are lovely! And your soup looks wonderful even if it wasn’t a hit!

  10. It’s tough when the weather changes so drastically, but hope you
    enjoyed your vacation. Tricia and I and the troop were away last
    week also, and the weather was gorgeous only to come back to
    sweltering humid weather. Your soup looks so refreshing and I
    love the photos.

  11. Your soup pictures are stunning! We didn’t care for it here, either. Maybe I should have used the wine.

  12. I’ve never heard of rockmelon before. I’m curious as to how different it is from canteloupe. That Queensland beach looks amazing.

  13. Fantastic shot! Welcome back from vacation!

  14. I bet it was hard returning to cold weather after a week at the beach. Your photos are lovely as always and your soup looks so festive in the martini glass!

  15. Hope you had a great vacation! Those beach shots look inviting. I love the name rockmelon. Is that the Australian word for cantaloupe or your family’s? Your soup with the strawberry on the side looks so summery.

  16. That beach in Queensland looks fantastic and warm for winter! This soup looks more like a summer cocktail than something you should sip from a bowl, so pretty.

  17. What a stunning shot of your soup! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us 🙂

  18. Gorgeous picture of the soup….and the beach!

  19. Your presentation of the soup puts me in mind of the sort of cocktail that might be served at a beachside bar – lovely!

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