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Pepper Steak with Potato Gratin and Green Beans


This week’s Bistrot Paul Bert Pepper Steak recipe had so many things going for it!
It had steak, which my husband loves.
It was quick and easy, which I love.
And it included standing back and setting a match to Cognac to make a flame!
(Which sadly my husband talked me out of, knowing full well I’d most likely burn the kitchen down!)

I made simple green beans and a potato gratin which I put into my cupcake pan?!

I mixed a kilo of sliced potatoes with an egg, two cloves of garlic, a cup of heavy cream and some grated cheese.
Then pushed the mixture into a well greased muffin tin.
They turned out great!
It made all the slices and injuries on my fingertips, from preparing them, worthwhile!
(And reminded me why the flame, as enticing as it was, was not a good idea for me!)

The sauce I wasn’t that crash on.
And the whole family loves scotch fillet steaks so I went with that cut of meat.
But I love pepper…

So, next time, and there will be a next time, I will reduce the amount of Cognac and add some mushrooms!
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15 thoughts on “Pepper Steak with Potato Gratin and Green Beans

  1. Your dinner looks amazing!! I love your potatoes. I will have to give them a try.

  2. Glad to see it wasn’t me on the sauce! Stunning potato gratins!

  3. Ooh–your sauce developed so much more color than mine! Looks good! I love the little single-serving gratins, too.

  4. I love that you did the potatoes in a muffin tin! Such a fun idea! Your steak looks lovely!

  5. Love the individual servings on the potatoes! So cool.
    And it looks way better than the bowl of soup I am currently having for lunch…

  6. My husband tried talking me out of lighting up the cognac, but he didn’t have to worry at all. Almost all of it evaporated automatically. I guess I’ll have to play with fire at some other time. Love your individual gratins, what a wonderful idea!

  7. Your steak looks awesome even with that sauce, which also looks tasty! And, what a creative way to serve/make potato gratin. I’m “borrowing” that idea!

  8. I went with the flame. I had already burned a potholder while searing the steak, so it seemed the chance of a fiasco was already used up. Your mini potato gratins are so cute. I will have to try that soon.

  9. Your meal looks so delicious. I really love the golden color of your potato gratins – a perfect side dish!

  10. Thanks for the potato gratin idea…that’s what I’m doing next time. Enjoyed your post.

  11. First of all, I love your little potato gratins! That’s a great idea! Second, I love the expression “I wasn’t that crash on.” I’m adopting it. Thanks!!

  12. I never even considered the flame – what a scaredy cat πŸ™‚ Agree totally on hubby loving steak while I loved the ease of it all best. Another winner. Nana took a “bye” this week but after hearing all the compliments from my family, has vowed to try this one too. And those gratin cupcakes ? Brilliant !!

  13. I love the tiny gratins! Mushrooms would be great with this sauce, too.

  14. You made just an amazing meal! You rock sista! And I think I might have to make those muffin cups of scallop potato.


  15. That is so funny! (not burning the kitchen down) Besides the recipes, I also really like the photography on all of your posts. πŸ™‚

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