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Short Ribs In Red Wine and Port


I admit it! I have (until recently) been one of those people who thought creativity meant being able to paint or decorate!
It was something that involved a lot of drawing and knowing which colours went together.
So, given this definition, I routinely described myself as “the least creative person you were to ever meet!”
Then, my 10 year forced me to re-evaluate my beliefs.
I had his future clearly planned for him in my mind. Studying economics at university and then working for one of the major banks! Done!
Then something weird happened. He started to develop a real creative streak!
I started to get nervous.
He enjoyed it and others noticed he had a knack for it.
My banking dreams were being threatened and replaced with visions of him painting portraits at Circular Quay!
How could he do this to me!!!
Just as I was beginning to think I had to do something drastic to save my child from a life of artistic poverty, he said to me “Jack (his friend) and I have been talking and we decided we are going to work for Disney making graphics for their movies!” I wanted to cry! Working for Disney! That was a real job? Right? And he would be making money!

He forced me to re-think my ideas on creativity! It was the best gift he could have ever given me!

Today I see creativity everywhere I go.
Take this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe. It took creative genius to pull this baby off!

Juggling work, three kids at three different schools doing three different after school activities, a father coming out of rehab after a massive heart attack and stroke and me deciding to go back to uni, I was sure these ribs were going to fall by the wayside!

But the sadist in me wouldn’t let go of the satisfaction I knew would be waiting for me at the completion of this week’s recipe! So after buying a wheelchair and mobility scooter for my dad, I ducked into the fabric shop nearby and bought the cheesecloth for the bouquet garni.

After driving to uni to pick up my time-table with my 3 year old I realised it was ‘O’ week (orientation week) so I put off my grilling plans and we joined the celebrations!

A few lollipops and some one on one time with my baby was worth the delay!
Back home and the grilling…

…chopping and cooking were finally under way!

Before long the ribs, vegetables and a tonne of booze were all tightly snuggled into the oven for a few hours and we were on our way to pick up the others from school and meet friends for a catch up.
While the kids ran around and the grown ups chatted, the ribs bubbled away at home. We came home to the most amazing smell! Everyone was so excited about dinner till I told them it was for tomorrow night! Ha!
The next day the fat was scooped off and the ribs were ready for the final grilling!

They were pretty amazing!
If I didn’t join French Fridays with Dorie I would never have cooked these!
I would have flicked through the book and came back to it on the odd occasion and maybe even made a handful of recipes I felt comfortable with.
How much I would have missed out on!

The creativity of the other members inspires me, check out their takes on this recipe here.




16 thoughts on “Short Ribs In Red Wine and Port

  1. Lovely story. I am finding that for me FFwD is less about cooking good recipes (which it is), but more about trying things that I would not normally attempt. It pushes me outside my comfort zone – often…
    Your boy is a sweetie – now that my girls are teenagers those moments come less often and I have to cling to them as long as I can when they come up.

  2. Your ribs turned out beautiful. I have to agree with Cher, I’m trying
    recipes that I never would have done before, and enjoying every one
    of them. Love the photo of your adorable son.

  3. I love that your entire family is involved in this project! Creativity is a gift and is all around us. I also agree with you about this group pushing us out of our comfort zones. This too for me would have been a recipe I would have passed up (actually most of the ones we have cooked) but I loved it.

    Your ribs look delicious and your son is adorable!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely words. I would have never known that English is your second language. You right beautifully! Enjoyed your post and agree that FFwD is a new challenge each week! A very enjoyable challenge!

  5. Would you believe English is my first language and I used right instead of write!! Duh!!

  6. Your photo of the bouquet garnis is lovely–an example of your “art is where you find it” philosophy. I also agree about the virtues of going through an entire cookbook and being prodded to go beyond your comfort level. I’m sure I’ll eventually end up with a recipe that I don’t like, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  7. I am so glad that you found the time to make these. I hope your dad is doing better and I wish him well. Your son is so cute! I love that about FFwD is that we are all cooking and baking food that we wouldn’t normally cook or bake, but I think we, along with our families, are all reaping the benefits. Your ribs look delicious!

  8. I love your post! Well written, beautiful photos, and very CREATIVE!!! Glad the rib meat fell off the bones instead of falling by the wayside. See you next week.

  9. I’m so taken with your post I almost don’t have any words. To embrace the creative like that is so transformative. Your boy has a great mom. You rock sista!

  10. What a lovely post…and you sound even more busy than I am…so I’m glad you found the time for this one! I can relate to your story about your son. My hubby and I are retired lawyers (though I’m not near old enough to be retired) and our son wants to be a singer. Actually, my son is a singer and has been since he was two years old. It took a bit, but we completely embrace his career dreams (he’s almost 13 and has never wavered from his dream). It’s liberating to have a child who wants to follow a different path…good for you for embracing it too!

  11. Your dish looks so delicious! I’m feeling a bit more adventurous with this cooking group, yet my “creativity” is usually limited by my accessibility of ingredients! Great post!

  12. That’s a wonderful story, with lovely photos – especially the bouquet garni photo.

    I love the community we’re building – encouraging, sharing stories and information, getting to know one another. I especially love how we are all pushing our boundaries in the kitchen.

  13. Love your post! I don’t consider myself creative as I come from a family of artists (except for me and my dad!). Food has brought out my inner artist…still a work in progress, but blogging has pushed my creativity button. Your top photo is fabulous….and what a cutie pie son 🙂

  14. Sanja, I always joke that I’ll have to work until I am 100 years old, because my oldest is studying History and Languages, the middle one wants to be a writer and the only hope is the 11 yr old who (for now) wants to study medicine.

    As long as they are happy and fulfilled, I’ll be satisfied.

    I know the expectation from the “old country” are different and I applaud you for your patience (you are not a psychologist for no reason:) Your son is going to be an awesome Disney artist:)

    Good job on the ribs. It was my first try, too, and I am really happy with the results.

    I hope your dad recovers well. Good luck with all your plans!

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