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Fresh From The Oven – Khrushchev Rolls


After I came across a recipe for Kiflice, I joined Fresh From the Oven.
A monthly baking group.

I was ready and excited to learn! You see, I love bread recipes but avoid them. Like the plague. Not sure why!
A habitual fear of yeast?!
Nevertheless, it was a habit and a fear I was prepared to face and work through!
Cos I love bread!
(Unlike my crazy fear of snakes that I have decided does not need to be addressed. Ever.)


The challenge was Khrushchev Rolls by Mushitza (click to see recipe).

I made the dough very late one night after another hectic, school holiday day at the beach with all the kids and their friends… (and that’s just half of them, the other half were riding the waterslides around the corner!)

After our 8 hour day at the beach we were exhausted.
However, I was determined to participate in this month’s challenge and psyched myself up to bake!
I began… and within minutes it was over!
The dough was made and resting in the fridge overnight!

I was thrilled with how easy it was and convinced myself I must have messed it up and surely missed something in my bleary eyed enthusiasm!

The next day I wasn’t expecting much.

My first batch I rolled around a thin beef sausage.

We ate these for lunch.
I put all the sauces out for the kids, who were happy to eat the ‘sausage rolls’.
I found that the sauce detracted from the wonderful taste of the bread!
The dough smelled amazing while baking and it tasted too good to hide under any sauce flavouring.

For the rest of the dough, I followed the cutting and rolling style of the Kiflice.

I filled half with crumbed goat’s feta…

And the rest with Nutella…

I rolled them up. Baked them…

And for such little effort what an amazing result.
I can’t recommend the flavour of the pastry enough.
The smell and taste was so good, the kids actually fought over them (especially the Nutella ones).

The following day we had a futsal gala day and my only regret was not making enough of these to feed the team.

And the younger sibling (supporters) that get dragged around to watch their older brothers!

With school around the corner, I will definitely be making batches of these rolls to put in lunch boxes and have ready for after school snacks.


6 thoughts on “Fresh From The Oven – Khrushchev Rolls

  1. Thank you for taking part. Lovely ideas for the fillings and great photos too.

  2. These look delicious! I’m definitely going to have to try and make some myself. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, and I look forward to reading future posts from you!

  3. I love you blog post, and the story of your blog. Looks like you had similar ideas to me on what to fill you dough with, but the sausage rolls are inspired. My son and husband would LOVE those, must give that a try. Welcome to our group and don’t be afraid of the bread…it’s very forgiving. A bit envious of your location, we have very good friends who live near Sydney and we hope to come and visit sometime soon.

  4. We are so happy that so many people from all parts of the world liked the recipe! Enjoyed reading your post! Thank you for participating!

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