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Belgian Beef Stew with Beer and Honey Spice Bread



Sydney has had a record spell of hot days and warm nights, 39 to be exact.
Thirty nine hot and humid days and nights.
It is time to say good bye to summer. Seriously!
The weather has cooled (a little) the last couple of days, I knew it was coming and waited impatiently for the change so I could make this week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’s book, My Paris Kitchen.
I was excited to make the bread, I really enjoy baking and find it satisfying (I just wish I took a photo of the finished product!)
The following day I was ready to make the stew and it came together nicely.
I have to be honest, I was hesitant adding fragrant honey spiced bread, covered in dijon mustard, to a beef and beer stew.
I decided to follow the recipe despite my doubts.
I am glad I did, it is not something I would have tried if I was not part of this group.
My husband and kids said it was ok and they were happy to eat it.
There were no complaints at all.
I don’t think I will make either the bread or the stew again, the flavours just didn’t do it for me.
It wasn’t unpleasant and I am glad I tried both.
And now I am ready to try more of David’s recipes 🙂

I am looking forward to reading what the rest of the group thought about this recipe!




15 thoughts on “Belgian Beef Stew with Beer and Honey Spice Bread

  1. This looks so good. Did you make the mash from the book as well?

  2. And here we sit, on the other side of the world, desperately hoping for more spring-like temperatures.

    This week’s recipe was definitely a unique one. I actually liked the flavors, just not the meat. My husband started flipping through the dessert section of the book last week and now he is REALLY excited about this new project:-)

  3. It is definitely too warm for a beef stew here. The stew was not too different and exciting, and I am only so so on beef stews in general, but i really enjoyed the bread. I will definitely make it again.

  4. It certainly looks delicious in the photo, sorry it just wasn’t to your liking, but hey, we can’t all like the same things.

  5. It’s tough to make a great winter stew when it’s not “great wintertime”. I always commend you bloggers who live with seasonal cooking difficulties because of our North American calendars. You are good sports as I have told you before. I will make the bread again because I’m a sucker for gingerbread and thought this was even better. The mustard/bread/stew experience – I’m glad I did it and, like your family, it was okay. I probably won’t make the stew again because, as others have said, I like Dorie’s daube.

  6. Oh that looks good with the mash! I agree with you that the flavours didn’t really do it for me either, but glad I tried!

  7. That’s a gorgeous photo! I haven’t made the stew yet, but really love the bread.

  8. Wow! not sure I could have baked bread and made stew in the summer. You have an extra challenge having your seasons reversed from many of us. Kudos! and yes, the cloves definitely gave the meat a hint of pickling spice to me, so I could see that tasting a little odd. Definitely a corned beef type of flavor

  9. Looks really good with the mashed potatoes! I liked the stew, but probably won’t make it again. I did love the bread though- that’s a keeper!

  10. You’ve made this warm-weather stew looks so cool with the mashed potatoes and thyme. I applaud your efforts.

  11. Major props to all of our warm weather friends that cook so unseasonably 🙂 The stew looks delicious with the potatoes!

  12. Upside down (seasonal) cooking is always a challenge. I admire that you still join right in. I don’t love beef stew, but this was interesting (even though I won’t make it again).

  13. I thought of you when this was the highest voted recipe. Well, you and any other of our friends in the southern hemisphere. Sigh. I agree that I’ll not be making this stew much. Like Betsy, beef stew is not really my thing (it’s just okay). I agree that I was glad I tried it!

  14. This is a lovely picture of your finished product! Sorry that you did not like them a 100%

  15. One of my favorite things about projects like Cook the Book Fridays is trying things I wouldn’t otherwise, even if they aren’t all big hits. Your stew certainly looks delicious!

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