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Dukkah Roasted Carrots and Cauliflower



Who would have thought cauliflower could taste so morish?!
When I first explained to my 3 children (and husband) what we were having for dinner they screwed up their faces.
Thank goodness for the Cook the Book Fridays group!
Once I explained the Dukkah Roasted Cauliflower was the recipe of the week they were still skeptical however they take their food taste tester jobs seriously, so they approached the dinner table with an open mind… kind of.
I threw in some carrots to the recipe for colour and served this along side grilled scotch fillet steaks.
I’m not big on red meat so I was worried about the meal being bland however the Dukkah had more than enough flavour to carry it.
It was a satisfying and healthy meal that packed some punch!
(I didn’t even need the usual sauce I slather my red meat in so I can eat it).

My 8 year old was the hardest to sell on the carrots and cauliflower, picking up the first floret with so much hesitation and suspicion I was prepared for his usual reaction. Wrapping his hands around his throat, then his stomach while his declaring he just can’t eat it ok? He just can’t! Ā I was watching him out of the side of my eye, not risking drawing his attention. If he sees me watching, he thinks he has an audience and the theatrics begin before the food goes anywhere near his mouth! Seeing me busy and not paying attention (on the outside) and watching the older two start eating I saw him put a cauliflower in his mouth. Pause. Chew a little. Then as he chewed a little more, his screwed up little face started to relax. He picked up another bit of cauliflower and then a carrot and in the end he asked for more vegetables and left most of the meat on his plate. We have a winner! Yes!


The dukkah I made had to be nut free as my 8yr old is anaphylactic to some nuts. He eats Nutella without problems and it’s made with hazelnuts however I didn’t want to take a risk so I substituted the hazelnuts in this recipe with sunflower seeds.
I’ve always avoided dukkah because of the nuts, it was great to make my own and know exactly what went into it. I think the nuts would have smelled and tasted amazing, especially coming out of the oven! I don’t think mine smelled as amazing as David Lebovitz described in his book, My Paris Kitchen, but it wasn’t far behind!

I am looking forward to reading what the rest of the Cook the Book Fridays group thought!



21 thoughts on “Dukkah Roasted Carrots and Cauliflower

  1. I loved your story – those moments are the best šŸ™‚
    The smell of those spices toasting was pretty amazing, wasn’t it?

  2. Love it–gotta try it with roasted carrots next time…

  3. That’s such a satisfying result, isn’t it? I love that your family takes its taste-testing responsibilities so seriously. They will be all the more adventurous eaters for it, once they’re grown.

  4. Fantastic story – love when people are all skeptical and it turns out so well šŸ™‚

  5. Too funny, sounds like your little taste tester has a future in Hollywood;-) Pretty cute that he tried it, sounds like they really do take their duties seriously.

  6. Great post! Your eight year old did better than my husband! He does not do Cauliflower. My grandchildren have a more adventurous than he does! I however, loved this dish…and can’t wait to use the Dukkah on so many other things. I love that you mixed carrots in with the Cauliflower. Much easier to photograph!

  7. Oh I could wolf all those carrots and the cauliflower down! Yummmm!!!!!!

  8. Sometimes I find an excuse to leave the room when I want my 6 year old to try something. Just drop it in front of him, then start mumbling, “Oh, I forgot the…” as I run away. ha! Sometimes it works. Sometimes, not. Well done on de-nutting your dukkah.

  9. I love the idea of the taste testers!!! Nice suggestion to add the carrots.

  10. I love the veggie combination, a great way to use carrots which always end up sitting in the veggie bin. Such a delightful
    story, I love it. Another great recipe from David’s book.

  11. Firstly, I love that you included the carrots for a pop of color! Secondly, your 8-year old taste tester did a good job in giving the dukkah-cauliflower a thumb-up! And lastly, thank you for giving us a nut-free version, kid approved version of our dukkah!

  12. I love reading how your 8-year old son “forcing” himself to take the first bite of the cauliflower, and he loves it! Yay! My son (he’s 14) love this cauliflower so much that he ate most of it! We have a winner, alright!

  13. I remember a time when my kids were suspicious of every vegetable I placed before them. They always knew the ‘try once’ rule and usually after repeated introductions they ended up liking it. I takes a lot of time and patience but now they are teenagers and they eat me out of house and home!

  14. Oh my, I do that exact watchful (but pretending I’m not) waiting thing with my 3-year-old. They sure are hilarious, though I say it’s funny now because I’m not sitting at the dinner table rolling my eyes at what she’s not eating today. šŸ˜‰ I’m glad it worked out, especially with the sunflower seeds!

  15. This was a win-win-win for you all around, Sanya. Another really good reason to be back cooking with us. The sunflower seeds are a good sub for hazelnuts (not both taking the gamble, I’, sure) and I am glad the Dukkah is still as flavorful with or without. Adding the carrots is a master stroke and did add color to the veggie side dish. Very nice and I am glad your entire family enjoyed it. Are they glad to be back with the taste testing responsibilities?

  16. Sorry about some typos (I’m not drinking, truly). (not worth taking the gamble, I’m sure) was the real phrase!

    • That’s too funny! The family amazes me with how much they love being part of the group! They really do take their responsibilities seriously and when I was away from it all last year they kept asking when I’d be making something “for that group you cook with”.

  17. Watching without watching — a great motherly skill! I’m glad your unwatched taste tester discovered something new. I like the idea of trying the dukkah on other roasted vegetables too. I’m so glad you’re part of this group!

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