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Lemon Slice – Australia Day 2016, Dee Why Beach



Lemon Slice on Australia Day? Why not!!!
It’s straight out of the fridge and icy cold, the perfect bite for out hot Aussie weather.
This fortnight’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was a great addition to our Australia Day Celebrations.


January 26th is Australia Day and as usual we head out to Dee Why Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
We have bacon and egg or sausage and egg sandwiches.
There are pancakes with maple syrup and butter or lemon and sugar.
And this year we had Dorie’s Lemon Squares!

Australia day 2016

The festivities include a car and bike show, thong (flip flop) throwing competitions, rides, performers and music.
Tattoos are a must, as are hats, flags and anything else that bears the Aussie flag wrapped around your body, your car or even around your house. I usually end up with an Australia flag tattoo on my cheek at some point in the day.
It’s tradition πŸ™‚
Australia Day 2

And of course there’s always a few kangaroos hopping about…


The celebrations start early on Australia Day so we head home around lunch time, when the heat is at it’s peak. We have a rest and put lamb (another Australia Day tradition) in the oven for hours of slow roasting then head back to the beach for a swim while it cooks.
We return home tired and famished. The smell that greets us is soothing and we can’t wait to eat!
This year we will be finishing off a great day and great meal with Lemon Squares topped with dollops of whipped cream.

You can find the recipe (with raspberries added) here.
* We have nut allergies in the house so I left out the almond meal and used normal flour.
I also left off the almond slices that were to be scattered on top of the squares.



14 thoughts on “Lemon Slice – Australia Day 2016, Dee Why Beach

  1. Happy Australia Day! I loved these as well (posted early since I am posting a little something special for Australia Day tomorrow – here!)

  2. Yours look great… and your festivities seem like such fun! I didn’t add the almond slivers either, mostly because I am pretty picky with how I like nuts. πŸ™‚

  3. Love your Australia Day photos. Happy Australia Day! These lemon bars were delish and a great way to celebrate.

  4. Your Australia Day celebration sounds like a whole lot of fun!
    Your lemon squares looks wonderful, a perfect treat for a special day!

  5. Great photos! Happy Australia Day!

  6. Happy Australia Day! Your lemon bars look delicious and very happy too. Looks like they turned out great.

  7. Happy Australia Day! Those lemon bars sound like a wonderful addition to the celebration. I’m hoping to have an excuse to make those soon (along with several other TwD recipes I’ve missed). It’s hard to get my family and friends to agree to dessert right after the holidays! I think February will be a better month for baking…

  8. I love all the photos of the celebration, and a great way to enjoy your delicious looking
    lemon bars.

  9. It looks as though you had a lovely time with your family. The lemon bars were the perfect addition to the celebration.

  10. Happy Australia Day! I am sure your lemon squares were the perfect addition to your celebration!!

  11. Wow-so nice to see all the beach pictures during the US winter. They look perfect.

  12. Australia day looks like so much fun! Is it odd that I now want to be a kangaroo walking down the street? Your squares look fabulous, btw!

  13. I am SO jealous of your gorgeous beach weather! It sounds like you had a delightful day.

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