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Palets de Dames – a lesson in self care








There’s a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Do not hurry; do not rest”.
For the past year, as I talked about here, I have been a whirlwind of hurry.
But I nailed the ‘do not rest’ bit.

As I talked to clients about practicing self care and mindfulness, I heard my inner voice screaming “hypocrite!”

I managed to ignore this voice…
However after a while I had Doc Holliday’s words from the movie Tombstone going around and around in my head, “It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.” (Damn conscience!)

So I sat down and decided to practice what I preached.
Despite knowing how important and valuable self care is, I have always been really really bad it.
So, very slowly, I introduced ‘doing’ mindfully to my life.
Rather than saying ‘yes’ to everything and running from place to place, I have been choosing what matters to me.

Surprisingly, one of the first things to go in order to reduce the ‘hurry’ in my life were social events (and people) that drained me.
I’ll be honest I struggled with this for a while.
Grabbing coffee, doing lunch, dinner dates and weekends away are the norm where I live.
Was there something wrong with me that I would prefer time alone???
I wrestled with these thoughts as I picked up one of the books I’ve been wanting to read ‘one day’.
Oh! What bliss! I was reading, not for research or for work purposes, but for the pure pleasure and joy of reading.
I realised there really was nothing wrong with me!

I did hit a hurdle when it came to making these cookies though.
I received Dorie’s new book ‘Baking Chez Moi‘ in the mail and spent hours looking through it, excited at the prospect of cooking through the book with the Tuesdays with Dorie group.

And then the recipes and dates were posted and I was so ready!
I had butterflies in my stomach!

And then as the posting date approached I told myself I had plenty of time and returned to my beloved books.
The posting date came and went and I was in major procrastination mode!

I contemplated just putting this recipe aside and starting with the Cranberry Crackle Tart, but luckily that conscience of mine kicked my butt again and many days later I found myself making the dough late at night and baking these early the next morning.

We ate half of them before they were cool enough to ice!
I made 24 cookies and ended up with 10 to ice.
The were eaten the same day they were baked. All of them. Gone!

I heard “I love these” and “these are great” being muttered as my husband and kids returned to the kitchen again and again.
I almost had myself convinced to skip these and I am soooo  glad I didn’t.
It was good to remind myself that I enjoy baking as much as I love reading.
Baking is now firmly on my self care list of activities!

These cooking are simple yet incredibly satisfying.


The recipe can be found here and they are topped with sanding sugar which I forgot as I was busy stuffing them in my mouth!
But above is a photo of the sugar crystals I had to decorate the top of these cookies with…

I am very excited to be part of Tuesdays with Dorie and can’t wait to see what everyone else thought of these.





10 thoughts on “Palets de Dames – a lesson in self care

  1. These cookies are delightful! I’m not surprised that you are left with only 10 to ice! I ate two before I stopped myself from taking another one, they are so good when eaten warm!
    Nice to meet you! Looking forward to bake together with all the lovely bakers at TWD!

  2. These look amazing! Can’t wait to try this recipe out 🙂

  3. This is such a lovely post! I share many of those struggles too, trying to figure out which of the things I love can be fit into my schedule. I’d be interested to hear what you are reading!

    And of course, your cookies look so delicious in your beautiful photos. Your photo of your tea, cookies and computer. Charming!!!

    I’m so glad you’ve joined us. I think it will be fun, though I doubt I can keep up. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I need to stop hurrying, too…life is too short. So glad to be baking along with you!!! xo

  5. What gorgeous photos you have of the cookies, etc. I am so jealous of your photos…and the way your cookies turned out! All of it just lovely. It will be such fun to visit you each recipe and be rewarded with such treats to the eye!

  6. Beautifully written! And don’t worry about that pesky “posting date” – I’m almost always the last of the bunch. Bake when you can. It’s only self-care if you don’t stress about it. Looking forward to knowing you better.

  7. Baking is definitely part of my self-care regimen, but deadlines – not as much. There’s nothing better than a recipe that results in an empty plate. And the sugar crystals are as lovely as a display for the cookie as they would be topping it.

  8. So glad you will be baking along for BCM TWD! Lovely post, and wonderful photos! As I’ve gotten older, I have no problem making more time for relaxation! Life is too short!

  9. The past six months have been an exercise in figuring out what’s really important and what I think is important. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but certainly not ignoring myself has risen on the list 🙂
    Glad to see you baking with us. XO

  10. These were tasty little morsels, and yours are just perfect!

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