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The Savarin, a yeasted bread cake saturated in sweet syrup, pear eau-de vie (brandy), filled with whipped cream and topped with your choice of berries.
This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia recipe.
Looks simple…
And I think it would have been simple if I didn’t leave it till the very last minute.
Which also happened to be the weekend I was having 5 of my son’s friends sleep over for his birthday.
Six 13-year old boys.
They are loud, they squeal, they argue, they burp, they fart, they tell each other they stink, call each other names, wrestle each other to the ground, jump on each other, laugh at inappropriate jokes and can’t seem to keep their arms and legs to themselves. And did I mention they are loud?
I made the cake before heading out to dinner and a few games of laser skirmish.
I took many, many photos.
My husband took many, many photos.
13 year old boys move.
Nearly all the photos turned our blurry.
Someone, if not everyone, was moving at any given time. Below are the best out of the lot, and as you can see they aren’t that great!
My 6 year old son was happy to get his dad all to himself and play a game of pool while the big boys laser battled (and came out arguing over who was the best shot and argued again as the scores came up on the screen).
Teased, poked and paid out on each other through dinner.
Argued over who was the best at PS3. Who was going to sleep where. And what movie to watch.
(And that last pic is of me hugging my son as he’s trying to squirm away).



The next morning they woke us all up at the crack of dawn with more laughter and arguments.
The early start however meant I could make the syrup and soak the cake before starting on pancakes for breakfast.

When they all went home, bleary eyed and tired (me and them), I filled the the middle of the cake with whipped cream and topped it off with fresh berries. The recipe calls for the berries to be mixed in raspberry puree however I prefer my berries fresh.
I sat down to a quiet and freshly cleaned house, drizzled the cake with pear eau-de-vie…


And savoured each and every bite!
(My husband wants me to mention he did most of the cleaning while I finished making the cake ๐Ÿ™‚ !).


I love baba cakes, so I thought this was wonderful.
I preferred it with the pear eau-de-vie.
I’m not a fan of alcohol in cakes so I was surprised when I splashed more and more brandy on top of my cake. I thought it was the taste of pears that kept me going back for more, my husband thought it was just me trying to blot out the past 24 hours! (Truth is I loved every minute of the craziness!)

The recipe of the cake can be found here.

I am looking forward to see what the rest of the Tuesday with Dorie group thought of this cake!


13 thoughts on “Savarin

  1. I was certain that Bill would grumble at the flavor of the pear eau de vie, but he loved this cake! Glad you did, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. WoW lovely looking cake!!! What a crazy fun-packed weekend you had!

  3. Yes, I can see why you might need to numb you mind just a little.
    Beautiful cake ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a great looking dessert! I may have to make it this week, even if I’m late for Tuesdays with Dorie!

  5. All of those fresh berries look magnificent!

  6. So impressive that you managed this with all the activity going on around you! It looks fantastic.

  7. Your cake looks beautiful. I enjoyed reading your post…I can relate on the sleep-overs ha ha!

  8. Beautiful presentation! And I love the kids craziness.

  9. Ha ha. Great post!! And your savarin looks wonderful! I liked it too. Was glad it was simple to prepare as I took left it ’til the last minute!

  10. Lovely looking savarin, a perfect way to cap off a crazy weekend. We also loved this one.

  11. Love your cake but loved the pictures even more. Guard those memories. And, an extra gold star goes to the guy who cleaned the kitchen.

  12. Wow, congratulations on surviving that!
    You have to write the recipe of “where to find the energy to make a savarin after a b’day – b’night”.
    It looks delicious

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