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Asparagus Soup



I have always wanted to be persistent and consistent.
I hear they are qualities that lead to great and wonderful things…
What can I say?
I had good intentions…
Unfortunately my paved road lead me straight to the Game of Thrones.

Week after week I would check the French Fridays with Dorie recipe schedule and set my intention to participate.
Some weeks I simply noted the chosen recipe before returning to my books.
Other weeks I went as far as buying the ingredients for the week’s recipe.
There were a few weeks I made the recipe and then plain forgot to photograph it.
And before I knew it, the weeks turned into months.

Here I am, two months after my last post, thinking about how much fun I had making this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe and wondering why I had put off participating for so long?!

Yes. I had to turn my back on a bunch of 13 year old boys running in out of the rain as they waged a full scale Nerf gun battle in my house, shooting anything that moved. But the grass, mud and odd bullet to the head was worth it!

I am confident I would never have made Asparagus Soup if I wasn’t part of this group.
I might have told myself “one day”… but I know I wouldn’t have.

I would have missed out on cooking and sharing a delicious meal with my family.
And also the sense of satisfaction and achievement that comes along with each recipe completed.

It’s coming into winter here in Australia, so we ate the soup warm with a dollop of creme fraiche.
Yes. The kids pulled faces when they sat down to dinner and one confidently declared they were sure they weren’t going to like it!
However they all tried it and they all changed their minds after tasting it!

I am looking forward to catching up with the rest of the French Fridays with Dorie group on this recipe!


11 thoughts on “Asparagus Soup

  1. Lovely lovely colour!! Glad your kids liked it. Mine couldn’t get enough of it, it seemed.

  2. I can relate to letting books get in the way of the other things I’ve scheduled. It’s great to have you back and lovely that your return was marked with a recipe that was successful for the whole family.

  3. Yes – being drawn into a series has happened to me on more than one occasion.

    Good to see you & glad everyone enjoyed 🙂

  4. He,he, I would never have made asparagus soup either except for this group. Your soup looks very pretty in the contrasting maroon and gold bowl. Lovely.

  5. Same. I would’ve never made this. Yours looks great!

  6. Glad to see you this week, Sanya. Sometimes life is just busy, it’s the way it is. Glad that everyone in your family enjoyed this week’s recipe.

  7. I think it’s easy to get behind. Of course, I was myself, and just got started back with the beginning of May (I looked and saw it was February or something since my previous post…). But I for one, am thrilled to have you back. Glad that you (and the boys) enjoyed this. I served mine warm. along with home made corn muffins. Since it’s hot here (and I got inspired by others) in the desert southwest of the US now, I’ll be having mine cold today.

    Welcome back! Your soup looks wonderful!!

  8. win, win!! 🙂 Love your header photo btw. Stunning. !!

  9. Welcome back. Stay. Every Friday, cook. Like Alice, I LOVE your header photo. That forlorn brown leaf. Stunning. I really like this soup also. Like you, I served it with creme fraiche but I added a little crumbly crispy bacon on top. Try that next time. It’s good. We are going into Summer (finally) in the Rockies so I look forward to serving this also cold, in a smaller container with creme fraiche and snipped chives for the topping. Enjoy your boys, as you are already doing.

  10. I’m glad you–and the kids–enjoyed this one! I agree with everyone, your photo is excellent. I also took a break from the group and had a really hard time getting back into it. Like many things, I think the first time back is the hardest. Glad you participated this week!

  11. Welcome back! Yeah, Dorie pushes me to try a lot of recipes I would never, ever have given a second glance. Glad your crew enjoyed this one.

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