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Pizza with Onion Confit



This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was the perfect recipe to kick-start 2013
(after a month of posting nothing!)

I had good intentions…

But we all know where they lead you when there’s no actions to back them up!

December was chaotic.

In addition to the usual holiday madness, I had my older son finishing his last year of primary school.
After 7 years together (in Australia, kids start primary school when they are about 5 and complete a year of kindergarten followed by Years 1-6) my 12-yr-old son has now finished Year 6 and is off to high school where he will do Years 7-12!
School ended December 19th, however those last few weeks were in full party mode.
Surfing lessons, golf, tennis, camps, craft days, graduation ceremonies, concerts, dances and dinners were all arranged by the school.

My son and husband at his Year 6 graduation dinner/dance…

Then there were all the after school activities that the kids took to arranging for themselves on Skype and Instagram!

While the primary school was focused on sending their Year 6 kids off with a bunch of great memories, their respective high schools had their own orientation days and activities designed to welcome their new Year 7’s for 2013!

 And all this was just with one child!

My younger son is starting primary school in 2013 so he had a series of orientation days of his own to attend and my daughter is undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh program which meant the last couple of weeks of school were spent getting organised for a kayaking/camping trip.



Visions of myself baking Buche de Noels, Gingerbread houses, Christmas themed cookies, cakes and cupcakes went out of the window.
This year, it felt like Christmas was eclipsed by… life.
I didn’t even try to fight it.
I just went with it.

The kids return to school January 30th and we usually go away for a couple of weeks at some point over this 6-week break, however this year we decided to stay in Sydney.

And days like the one in the pics below, reminded me of what an awesome place we live in!

My son went to his friend’s 5th birthday, kayaking around Manly harbour…IMG_4502

The kids headed out with their parents…


Then returned to cool down with a swim and a picnic lunch.


Today was a crazy 43 degrees celsius in Sydney.
But yesterday was the perfect pizza making day!

And so we kick start 2013 baking with Dorie and Julia!

We all love olives and goat’s cheese in our family, so this recipe was enjoyed by everyone.
I have been wanting to make this for a while and I love the mix of the sweet onions with the salty olives and cheese. I thought it was perfect!

This Tuesdays with Dorie recipe can be found in the book ‘Baking with Julia’ or by heading over to Paul’s blog ‘The Boy Can Bake’  .
After a month away, I am looking forward to catching up on what everyone has been up to!


13 thoughts on “Pizza with Onion Confit

  1. Wow – that does sound busy! Your kids and pizza are beautiful though so great job on both! 🙂

  2. Sounds like lots of fun busyness…your photos are so inviting. So happy you enjoyed this pizza…we liked it, but are more into traditional pizza…but fun to try something new. Happy New Year! I’m sure you’ll enjoy many wonderful 2013 times with your great family!

  3. Glad you had time to make the pizza. It was good. Sydney looks beautiful. Looks like a great place to raise an active family.

  4. So many great things going on! Congrats to all the celebraters.
    Welcome back & great pizza! I am totally envious of your beautiful weather. It is very cold and snowy here.

  5. Terrific pictures of your family and all the wonderful activities – certainly sounds busy but like a lot of fun! All the best to all your children! And your pizza topped with the caramelized onions, goat cheese and black olives looks delicious! So nice to read that you all enjoyed this recipe too!

  6. Congrats to your elder son on graduating primary school. Surprisingly, my daughters thrived in junior/senior high school after rather mixed experiences in elementary school (1st through 6th grades).
    Your photos of Sydney are very inviting, especially kayaking. (We love to kayak)
    and, oh yeah, your pizza looks delicious.

  7. Sydney looks like a beautiful place to be. Kayaking sounds especially inviting to someone living in the high desert. Your pizza looks delicious. We also love the goat cheese and olives.

  8. I love your pictures, sound a lot of fun!!
    Your pizza looks beautiful, caramelized onions, goat cheese and black olives are a tasty garnish!!! Yummy!!

  9. How did your pizza become a perfect rectangle? Mine are always amorphous blobs… but this was tasty nonetheless! Your photos are beautiful.

  10. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Your pizza looks great!

  11. I am with you – life is what happens while you are making other plans. Adore the hpoto of your son and hubby – they look so happy! This pizza surprised me in a good way – I really liked it.

  12. I skipped this one, but seeing your pizza, I’m sorry I did. It looks delicious!

  13. It’s so nice to see the blue sky, the sea and to read that you had 43 degrees, while here it’s all white, cold and foggy… (maybe we should move!).
    Thank you for making me dream!
    I am so glad that you’ve loved this pizza and I apologise for being so late…
    All the best and enjoy the summer!

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