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Croque Monsieur – Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich



This is a great school holiday dinner! Especially before we head out to watch a game of rugby.


The boys had sliced leg ham in their sandwich and the grown ups had prosciutto.
I was a bit sceptical about the bechamel sauce, I’m not a fan of it.
However this time I could see that it added a creaminess to the sandwich that I really liked.
The recipe in David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen requires you to place cheese on top of the grilled sandwich and then grill it a second time in the oven.
I just couldn’t add any more cheese!
I used Emmenthal cheese for the adults and Jarlsberg for the kids.
It was simple, delicious and very satisfying.

I also made the vinaigrette and tossed it through some radicchio and baby cos leaves.
The sandwich was salty from the cheese and prosciutto and the vinaigrette provided a sour kick from the vinegar and mustard.
I needed something to cut through all the salty sour flavours.
I added a tablespoon of brown sugar to the vinaigrette recipe and this really did the trick for us.
Even my little guy ate all the greens 🙂

I am looking forward to reading what everyone else in the Cook The Book Fridays group thought of this week’s recipe!


11 thoughts on “Croque Monsieur – Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich

  1. I think I would have enjoyed both your adult and kid version of this week’s recipe. I’ll admit to also being a bit skeptical of the bechamel, but it did work.

  2. YEs this definitely needed some greens (um, for next time!)

  3. The bechamel is great, a lovely take on the usual mayo spread!

  4. Yes, I agree it really needed some greens- but I was so full after the sandwich- never could have had a salad too. Nice choice and I love the idea of the brown sugar.

  5. I liked the vinaigrette as written, but can see where a bit of sugar would have helped balance the flavor. I would have liked both versions of your sandwiches as well.

  6. I bet the kids were in heaven with their version – both versions sound delicious to me. And I like your suggestion for the vinaigrette. A little sweetness always plays so nicely against sour. Gorgeous photos!

  7. A gourmet sandwich and a colorful, delicious salad at the ball park. What a wonderful place and time to enjoy good food? I am in the mood for something similar after reading your post.

  8. Are those your boys? Man, they have grown up since our FFWD days. Too fast, I’m afraid. Yes, this is a perfect dinner for or after watching rugby. Everything on the sandwich was a “little much”, almost decadent but there is nothing about me that doesn’t like richness every so often. It might have been a little over the top for your family. It does remind me that I can tone down the richness by leaving off the grated cheese. Good idea.

  9. This sandwich was over the top decadent. I liked that you made adult and child versions. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their version.

  10. Both the adult and kid version of your sandwiches sound great!

  11. I totally agree that it was difficult to add the cheese on top. I actually went ahead and did it, but put half or less of what the recipe called for. 🙂 Beautiful salad and it sounds like it provided the perfect accompaniment!

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